Dating Tips For Women

Dating Tips For Women

Big and little things that can help you on your dates. Some people just so unlucky with the man…

Everyone has a friend (or maybe it’s you) who is smart, gorgeous and socially adept but always seems to struggle when getting second dates. They date guys of course, and meet men constantly, at work, in the gym and out in bars. They have no problem chatting with men, and don’t generally suffer from being shy, but when it comes to getting the guy to call again: they have the worst luck in history.

So why am I still single?

There are a few reasons that I’ve noticed that can dictate a girl’s inability to keep getting good quality dates. If you know the reason why: then you can balance your approach to dating accordingly to get the perfect man.

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You are cursed with an ability to judge character

You are successful in your job and great a sorting out other people’s problems. You can tell whether your new apartment will actually turn into a disaster, and you never get into creepy situations with unlicensed cab drivers. This has a flip side, as when you meet someone at a party and you don’t warm to them immediately, then you don’t consider them as an option to date.

Balance this by:

Keeping an open mind! maybe you caught someone on an off day, be more forgiving and second time around he might just blow your mind.

You inadvertently make a terrible first impression.

Basically at work, you’re stressed out and focused. You’re here to make money and get the job done, and to the men in your office you come across intense and intimidating. By the time you meet your friends after work at your local bar, you’ve come straight from the gym and have not eaten dinner. Cut to 30 minutes later, and whilst your friends have gotten talking to a couple of cute guys, you are well on your way to looking like the crazy drunk friend they don’t want to talk to. If it’s either because you can’t handle your alcohol, or you just get really nervous and blab on when meeting new people, no one will be asking for your number.

Balance this by:

Chilling out on your drinking. Eat food before you go out, and make your first drinking a big glass of water. Men enjoy a woman with the ability to enjoy themselves in moderation. If you feel really nervous, just listen until he says something that peaks your interest. The more you talk, the less you find out if this guy is a good match for you.

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You don’t feel confident enough to ask.

It’s not that you can’t actually talk to men, but turning the conversation onto flirter topics is something you don’t have a natural gift for. This goes hand in hand with:

Slipping into ‘friend’ mode.

In an effort to be smart and interesting, you’ll probably forget that you’re talking to a guy. You’re amazing at having conversations, but for some reason you always end up talking about their women problems! Either that or they start asking you personal questions about sexual stuff like you’re a candid friend and they’re asking you for dating advice!

Balance this by:

Realising that you are a fantastic and beautiful human. Don’t let yourself be put in that ‘mate’ category. Ask advice from your friends as to when you start doing this usually, it’s because you either find yourself attracted to a guy, but are too scared to let him know, or you are taking yourself out of the running because you’ve already decided he’s not interested. Either way, stop doing yourself down and start flirting. Good luck and get dating!

Tiny tips for every date:


Be aware of how your body language might be perceived. Even sitting up a little straighter and with your legs tucked under can change how your non-verbal signs are being read by a man.

The power of smiling

Smile and make eye contact if they’ve actually said something funny. Don’t go overboard otherwise you might start looking crazy, but a good smile can make you look a hundred times prettier and costs absolutely nothing.

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If it’s a group situation

If you’re in a group situation (you like someone new to your office) don’t be a time hog. Walk away, and see if he comes over again. Don’t wait until you’ve run out of things to say, give him your warmest smile funniest line and then make time for your friends and other people.

Choose your drink wisely

Order a short: whiskey mac, cocktail, gin and tonic, rum and whatever. Just don’t order a beer, it sounds so simple but even the way you hold a martini glass puts you in a different frame of mind then when you’re swigging from a bottle or pint glass. I find wine is a good choice, it’s not that expensive and you tend to feel more like a fancy lady (even if you’re not).

Make him laugh

If you are in a room full of well-adjusted, confident but not arrogant men with a strong feminist dialectic: a confident and funny woman is always going to be swimming in dates. If however, you’re in a bar or club with normal human men that are probably the same age as you, they might find you a little intimidating. It’s just human nature I’m afraid. Making someone laugh can break the tension, humanizes you in the eyes of your date and will relax you both. Don’t go overboard for the above reasons, but being silly or cheeky lets you get a good measure of the person in front of you. Sharing a sense of humour is a great bonding tool, so suss out whether he is on the same page as you by making him chuckle.

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