How to get a boyfriend?


The 6 best ways to attract the right man and pin him down!

Every woman has been in this situation…

We’re all had a friend that disappears for about four months and is always cancelling on drinks and dinner and then out of the blue, they message you apologizing and wanting to meet up.

“Where have they been!”

“What have they been up to!”

And then you see: she will look amazing happy, full of excitement. Finally, after half a bottle of wine, she’ll drop the bombshell: I have a new boyfriend!

“I’m so happy for you…!”

Meeting the right man can do wonders for a girl’s confidence, stress levels and ability to cope better with things like work stress and money worries (not to mention feeling loved, validated and always having someone to cook you dinner).

Even if you’re not a serial dater and you’re not that bothered about settling down, these encounters with friends who have found the perfect guy can make even the most fiercely single woman think:

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“How do I get that sort of boyfriend?”


Make the most of yourself

There’s definitely truth in that you have to love yourself before you can love anybody else. I’m not recommending a full on a makeover or a weird crash diet, just keep it simple. Think about what your friends like about you and work with that. Realizing your positive attributes helps you to come across as confident and relaxed, perfect for attracting the sort of male attention.

Channel your ‘low maintenance’ look.

Make sure you dress well, are clean (men totally notice ragged fingernails and old eye makeup) and smell amazing. If you have body hang ups, then be sure you are comfortable with what you’re wearing. Everyone remembers the breezy and confident girl who is smiling and joking, even when she’s wearing her sneakers. This can also add to the ‘wow’ factor when you do have a big night out, as you come across as carefree, but with the ability to look like a stone cold fox when you feel like it.

Now, I’m not saying you’ll meet your future husband if you slob around in a tracksuit. Alway accentuate the features that you are most confident about, just make sure you pick ONE, do it subtly.


Hair and makeup count.

Braids and curls always come across as playful and fun, so it’s all about creating that fresh, natural look, keep make subtle, with a thick sweep of mascara framing your eyes and not too heavy on the eyeliner or eyebrow. Also, unless you are an experienced hairstylist then try and avoid wearing a lot of weave or fake hair extensions.

I have NEVER met a man who likes ratty hair weave. It feels rubbish, it looks dry and crunchy, and it means you won’t ever be on the receiving end of having your hair stroked (one of  the main reasons to have a boyfriend, we can all agree). So, keep it natural, braid it, straighten it or just tie it up in a cute bun because your own hair will always look nicer to a guy.

Keep your message simple.

If you want a boyfriend, then there are certain messages you want to give off. For example, boobs, by nature are quite sexual. For women the world over, they are simply a part of your body, a part of life. Unfortunately, to men, they are a sexual minefield and can send a confusing message. If you want to set to straightforward ‘relationship’ message to a man you’re meeting for a coffee: then don’t contradict it with a slutty top. Likewise with heels, super confusing message re sex. Plus, men don’t like feeling short so leave the heels at home.


It’s all about your brain….

Your brain the most important muscle to exercise: I can not stress this enough. If you do more stuff, you become interesting. Making sure you don’t just sit at home and watch Netflix under a blanket and it will make such a difference to your worldview,


Seeing exhibitions and art is also an amazing way of meeting people and becoming more cultured and educated. Men love a woman who can interest and intrigue them. Even if all he does is slob out in front of NFL, men love an intelligent woman.

Draw up your ideal man, then throw them in the trash!

When you are looking for that perfect boyfriend, lots of girls tend to have deal breakers that rule out men. If someone is too short, likes a weird hobby or is into sci-fi, you should disregard them as a potential amazing boyfriend. So, when you date, ask yourself if your ‘deal breaker’ is realistic or ridiculous. Here is some reason I have heard IN REAL LIFE from intelligent, fully grown, adult women:

  • Too poor.
  • Not as tall as I would ideally like
  • Bad Aura (yup)
  • Didn’t wax his chest.
  • Didn’t have tattoo
  • Liked playing Settlers of Catan (a nerdy board game).

These are all ridiculous, and must be regarded as a stupid mistake!


Feel free to run away if a guy shows any sign of:

  • Being a massive racist.
  • Enjoying starting fights under ANY set of circumstances (nothing short of you being mugged excuses aggressive behaviour).
  • Not valuing your opinion.
  • Making any sort of negative comment about your body (because he is fantastically privileged to be anywhere NEAR your sexy ass).

So, there are the starting points for getting you a nice boyfriend. Making the best of yourself up to new opportunities and attitudes can refresh the world of dating and will certainly improve your chances of finding an amazing man. Good Luck!

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