How to get him to notice your finer points

So, you’ve got a date and you want to make sure that he notices all the good things you have to offer. Getting him to notice your finer points doesn’t have to involve dressing like a street walker and covering yourself with makeup.
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The best way of highlighting what makes you attractive is a case of selecting what you want to accentuate, and then subtly making sure that he sees the right amount keep him wanting more. Following these steps will help you make the most of your assets:

  • Work out your finer points.
  • Dress well.
  • Confidence
  • Relax

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The most important question: what are your finer points?

It can be anything, physical or otherwise. Ask friends for help and honesty with what they view as your best feature. I, for example, am very proud of my hair, as it’s long and very thick. However when asking my friends, they would always recommend that I tie it bad to show off my face, as a lot of hair looks over-the-top and intimidating.

Once you have some good suggestions, make the most of these features by physically drawing attention to them. If you have beautiful eyes, make them up with a nude shadow, no eyeliner and dramatic sweep of mascara to highlight the natural color and beauty. If you have lips that would make Kylie Jenner envious, use a matt nude lipstick and liner to create a natural-looking big, block finish and he’ll want to kiss them before the night is over.

Make sure you don’t go overboard with makeup in general, just pick one thing that you want to enhance and make the most of that. Recently in the news, ‘Igari’ or the art of Japanese hangover makeup has been sweeping through the west. If you want to look extra cute then check out this trend, as the results are a soft, sweet young looking face, perfect of highlighting your favourite feature.

Dressing well

Much the same as your makeup, pick a part you like and highlight it. I like a good pair of tight, well-made jeans to show off my butt. I’d recommend covering your arms up – unless you have an amazing sleeve tattoo – as it looks a little revealing, but maybe a cute thin jumper and short skirt with opaque tights can accentuate great legs without being too slutty. Men tend to like plainer, more casual clothes so if you don’t accentuate one feature only you will end up looking overdressed (and the likelihood is, he won’t be wearing a suit). Limit jewellery and hair accessories as these will distract from your chosen feature, and try not to show much cleavage.

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Confidence affects everything about a person. If you walk into a room, shoulders back and straight posture, then all of your natural assets will shine far brighter. Smiling and laughing also has the same effect, leading him to notice your finer points, as in your amazing sense of humour and lovely kind face!

and finally… Relax.

I know it’s really tough, especially when you are super nervous and worried about making a good impression. Before you go out for the date, don’t drink a tonne of coffee or coke, don’t eat anything that’s going to make you garlicky, or heavy, and have your outfit planned and ready. If you’re organized, then you won’t be late so, therefore, minimizing your nerves. You’re bound to be nervous before going on a date – if you weren’t, that would probably mean that you didn’t really like him!- but make sure the butterflies you are feeling are down to his smile, and not because you spend 40 minutes looking for your purse before you left the house.

Being relaxed and calm shows that you’re enjoying yourself and in control. Just enjoy your time with him and he will definitely see all of your finer points, even if you didn’t know you had them!

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