How to Naturally Attract Men?

How to Naturally Attract Men?

You can have the world’s longest legs, toned bikini body and the most immaculate clothing, but without a personality and charisma to match there’s still a size able chance that you’ll not be seen as attractive to men.

The difference between being beautiful and being attractive is the world apart

Beauty, especially by women’s standards involves grooming, stylish clothes, perfect makeup and an enviably skinny frame. Women view fashion icons and fitness models as beautiful and that is mostly due to the effort each woman sees in their girl crush’s gym bunny body and seemingly always amazing hair.

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Men, as a generalization, don’t tend to find this sort of physique and these types of women to be in the forefront of their minds when asked to picture an ‘attractive woman’. Men think about Gisele, Salma Hayek, Isla Fisher and Penelope Cruz, and focus on the softer hair and large, smiling eyes. Men view attractive as a feminine and vulnerable curve. They like butts. They like the things that make women different from men. Here are the things that contribute hugely to how men view women like they like, on more unconscious levels:

1. Charisma

What people don’t realise is that men determine someone’s level of attraction on two levels, physical (mentioned above) and then the reality of the feeling they get when in a woman’s company. Women have strange crushes that pop out of nowhere, all of the time! It could be a really friendly school teacher. It could be that super quiet guy who is too shy to ever turn up for after work drinks.

Both women and men like charisma! And if you don’t have it naturally, then you need to get more interesting. The more you do outside of work, the more varied your life experiences, the more likely you are to learn how to talk to different people, relate to a wider range of human experience and be seen as more interesting. This does not mean you should start off any story with “yes when I was backpacking through India”. No one wants to hear that, it self-absorbed and boring. Using your human experience especially when talking to men will also help you come across as chilled out, which is attractive in itself.

2. Scent

Pheromones are one thing, if your natural chemical makeup is compatible with the person you are out with, then fabulous. But let’s not leave that to chance. Make sure you’ve washed your hair and used a lovely fancy conditioner (men notice the smell of lovely ladies hair) and find a fresh, light scent to tempt him. Spritz ONCE on your wrist and dab (never rub, as it alters the scent) onto your neck, and behind your ears. Don’t go overboard, but just enough so that if he went in for a kiss, he’d be able to smell your perfume.

3. Body Language

Even if you’re nervous make sure you are using open body language. Showing your wrists and hands is supposed to symbolize honesty, and never cross your arms, as it can come across as defensive. You want to show the guy you like that you’re open to his advances, playing with your hair and touching your neck can also symbolize your interest in him sexually.

4. Listen!

Make sure to give him proper eye contact, especially when he’s telling a story. Actually, listen to his conversation, don’t just fret about what you’re going to say next! People who go around, not actually taking in what people are saying and instead just waiting to speak are not attractive, to men or to women. Don’t rattle on, listen to him and ask questions. Lots of men tend to assume that women will talk and talk so they don’t have to do any of the legwork on a date. By giving a one-word answer and then ask an open-ended question, it shows that you are not falling for that trick, and he’s going to have to try harder!

5. Humor

This doesn’t mean preparing your best zingers. Even just laughing properly when you hear something funny, or when you do something embarrassing (this makes you seem self-aware and chilled out), having a sense of humor about life is so attractive to men. If you go to a restaurant and the service is slow, the waiter is rude and the food is awful, don’t get grumpy or bitchy, just have a sense of humor about how bad it is and you come across as a real catch.

6. Depth

Show some depth, even if only a little touch, and even if it’s on your first date. If you keep the evening fun and then drop into something a bit more sensible (casually mention some charity volunteering, some small reference to education, music, art whatever you like. Actually no. Never, ever anything about politics) then it illustrates your incredible depths and makes you seem multilayered and interesting (which of course, you actually are). Don’t tell them your life story or mention something awful that has happened in your past, but throw him a little incite into a deeper you and he’ll want to come back to learn more about you as a person.

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