How to open him up for a conversation?


How is it that even when a woman gets nervous on dates, they still seem to be the only one holding up the conversation? Getting a man to open up for conversation can be tough, but these five tips are guaranteed to get him talking so that you can suss out if he’s the one for you!

  • Put him at ease.
  • Find out his passion.
  • Open ended questions.
  • Drop something about yourself, and he should reciprocate.
  • Listen Listen Listen

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Putting him at ease.

The first thing you have to make sure is that you’re both in an environment that makes you feel comfortable so that it sets you both up to get to know each other.

Unless you are organizing something specific, don’t go to the movies, or to a gig. Shouting over the music is good when you’ve got nothing to say, but for a first date, these are big no-no’s. Pick a quiet-ish, casual bar or cafe, and sit next to each other. If he’s nervous a location like this will feel more casual. Sitting opposite each other can make it seem like a job interview, so find a comfy sofa with quiet music

Find out his passion.

Now don’t get creepy and stalk him online, because that takes the fun out of getting to know someone. Ask around and work out what his big passion is in life. It can be literally anything, music, soccer or even something weird. Ask them about it, and, when they get all embarrassed, just say ‘that sounds really cool’ and get him to tell you all about it! There’s a reason why they love it so much, and it’s a great way to get them to open up. Ask him questions, but don’t be too forceful otherwise, it might start to seem like an interrogation.

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Open ended questions.

Asking open-ended questions are the best way to get someone to open up. Closed questions like ‘did you like that movie?’ requires only a single word answer, so if the guy is shy he might well just answer ‘yes’. That’s a lot of work you have to do if you’re spending an entire evening together!

Instead, ask open-ended questions like ‘what did you like about the movie?’ and they will be encouraged to answer more freely. If you are in a bar or other public place, a good idea if they’re shy is to introduce others into the ‘play’ of the date. People watching is amazingly fun, we all do it with friends and even when we’re alone, so if the person you are with is a guy, why not use your surroundings to make more conversation.

Open up yourself.

If you talk about something interesting or a little bit more deep, he should well reciprocate. Generally, people who are interested in each other mirror the other person’s body language and language in general. If you drop something in the mix that’s a little deeper, you should get a good response.


…and lastly, Listen!

I’ve mentioned previously about how people tend to go around not listening, and just waiting for the other person to finish so they can talk. I hate it when people do this, because they are not listening to you, and they clearly think that their time and opinion is more valid than yours is! Don’t be that girl, just listen to what he says and you should be able to pick up on queues and natural digressions of the conversation easily. Also, don’t interrupt, even if you have something hilarious to say. Men find this as irritating as women do, so make sure you’re not making this rookie mistake.

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